How not to forget what you learn in your online French class ?

Bonjour mes étudiants!

 We live in a busy era of too much information exposure; things initially learned are quickly forgotten. According to a Harvard study, you are most likely to forget information as soon as you learn it. It’s called transience and it's one of the seven usual learning difficulties. The good news is that you and your doctor have nothing to worry about. Everyone goes through it.

How can you avoid falling into transience when taking French classes online ? Es-tu prêt?

1.Take some private classes

Some might think that Private classes are boring, whereas in fact private classes are fun and considered one of the best ways to learn French.

With private classes, a teacher can solely focus on one student, work on the specific learning needs and address the difficulties faced. If you’re a slow learner, private classes might be a great start for you. You can learn at your own pace and best of all in a very personalized way making it a lot easier to remember the information presented to you.

Furthermore, private classes help build confidence. If you’re new to French classes online, you might be shy in the beginning. A lot of students say ‘they’re butchering the pronunciation’ but with private classes, you can gain the confidence to speak with accurate pronunciation.

Z French School brings you the opportunity to learn French through one-on-one private packages :

  1. The Hop-On, Hop-Off/One-on-one package (5 hours)
  2. The Once-A-Week/One-on-one package (10 hours)
  3. The French Routine/One-on-one package (20 hours)

You can find more information on all our private classes packages.

2. Join Group Classes

Group learning is a great choice when you look for support from mates. Collaborative learning leads to more opportunities to practice French with other students which leads to a rich and enriching exchange. So how do group classes help you not to forget what you learn?

Well, group classes are a platform for so much practice. By consistently speaking to multiple students in a virtual classroom, your brain will easily retain the information. For instance, when one student asks a question, it’s a chance for other students to help answer and explain. Therefore, students become teachers themselves and this role inversion makes students retain information and also elevate their confidence. Furthermore, group classes allow conversations to occur ; role plays, with or against an idea, etc.

Our students come from 17 different countries, which makes cultural exchange so valuable to the learning process.

What are you waiting for? Enroll now and join our group classes and meet other students from around the globe. You can find that link here

3. Homeworks

No one can argue the importance of homework. They train your brain to remember all sorts of information since you do homework after revising your lessons.

Homework assignments are also a great way to practice spelling. For instance:

Au et Aux

au café (at the cafe)

aux États-Unis (in the United States)

Well, we also give tests to help you determine the right class and skill level for you.

4.Sans Peur (No Fear)

We were all students at some point. At Z French School, we understand what fear is and we try to face it instead of letting it win. We all learn from our own mistakes, therefore we welcome errors. We can find some errors funny, so we laugh all together and then we learn the proper way. This helps you retain information and avoid similar mistakes in the future. This is how we see Freedom, which to us means no fear. 

Enjoy the experience of the best online French course and count yourself as one of the 300 million francophones around the world.