Why take our online French language test?

Take a quick free French proficiency test online before registering to see how advanced you are in French.

 This free French placement practice test will help us determine your French language level so that you enroll in the most suitable French language program for you.

 There are no costs associated with taking the test, which will assess your French listening comprehension, your reading comprehension and finally, vocabulary.

 Once you finish the test, you will be contacted by one of our team members to share your results. We will discuss your learning goals, establish your learning profile and set a personalized plan that is aligned with your expected timeline to achieve your goals.

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Choose The Right French Course

Knowing your current French proficiency level and areas of strength and improvement is essential before enrolling in a French language course. This will enable you to select a French course catering to your needs.

Set Goals

It's easier to set reasonable milestones for your French language learning journey by first assessing one's current level in the language. Only then can one identify which set of skills need strengthening to progress.

Measure Your Progress

Our online quiz will help you determine how far you've come in your French studies and how much further you can go during a language immersion experience. You can evaluate your progress in French by taking the quiz before, during, and after your online study experience.

Some Benefits of Studying French on The Web

We have spent some of our time during the pandemic on education and preparation. We know you are here because you want to learn French.

 Wanting to learn French is understandable. Learning the language before visiting a country like France, Canada, or Morocco will greatly enhance your experience there. One of the best and finest ways to become familiar with a new location is to study the language spoken there. You can use your French language skills if you visit a French-speaking country.

 Do you want to learn at your own pace? Please don't worry; we'll be there to assist you. There is no substitute for one-on-one online French courses. Our teachers will take care of you and will design the course to cover your goals. All you need to do is to decide when to start. A one-on-one setting is a great way to learn French.

 Tips for French learners

French  has a large and diverse vocabulary compared to many other languages. Modern English dictionaries often include French loanwords because the language has contributed so many useful terms. French words that have entered the English lexicon include: souvenir, croissant, cliché, cabaret, déjà vu, beige, boutique, and boulevard. Listed below are some suggestions for improving your French language skills:

  • If you want to learn something, one of the best tips we can provide you is to watch the original version of a TV show or movie. Learn to pronounce new words and phrases correctly as you become acquainted with them and the language. Otherwise, rewatch a series or a film that you already watched but switch the audio to French. This way you get to focus on the language rather than the story.
  • Like movies, music can be a pleasant and effective way to learn a new language. It's possible to have a good time and increase your French proficiency all at the same time.
  • Podcasts are a popular new way to gain knowledge on various subjects. Language study can be done in tandem with studying other subjects of interest to the student.
  • Choose your favorite novel and read it in French; you'll pick up subtleties you missed the first time around. Get magazines that pique your interest, and use the time to expand your vocabulary.
  • The best approach to learning a language is to have a conversation. Look for native speakers around you and work on your pronunciation and fluency together. You'll get better over time.
  • Never practice for three hours one day and then do nothing for the next seven. Learning French is a marathon, not a sprint, you need to be consistent to always be at your best.
  • Visit a French-speaking country and immerse yourself in the culture there. The world is more accessible and exciting when we travel.
  • Take French classes online. The most effective method of learning French is with the help of a private tutor.
  • Your only requirements for learning French are a computer, an internet connection, and a determination to succeed. Select a quiet location where you won't be able to focus on anything other than your lessons.