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To speak a language, both structure and vocabulary are essential tools we rely on to express what we would like to convey, and since we all have strength points and weak ones, it's important to harmonize the level in these skills. 

Welcome to Z workshops : your platform towards improving a certain skill, whether it's grammar or fluency. For winter 2021, we are offering the following workshops to complete your language course, as a side. 

Grammar workshop

Students are scared of grammar because it either seems too complicated to understand or the exceptions are too many to memorize.

How I see it : grammar is not something we memorize, it's a tool we need to understand how to use, in order to make it useful.

Depending on the level, this workshop mainly focuses on the structure of the language and how to improve the quality of speech, rendering it more complex. 

Before you choose your grammar workshop, refer to the syllabus to check out the various grammatical fields that are listed / suggested.

Placement test is not required for grammar workshops.

Conversation workshop

You know French, you speak it, but sometimes you feel cornered because your vocabulary is not rich enough ? Is there a tiny barrier that doesn't fully allow you to express your thoughts ?

This workshop is for you !

Depending on the level, we bring up a topic, a hot one, a happening one, and we explore it's various angles. We discuss and listen to different opinions, we play roles, we argue, we defend our opinion, we comment videos & photos. To really sum it up : we speak non-stop ! 

Before you enroll in this workshop, you need to take a placement test. This will ensure that all participants within the same group have more or less the same level.  

Get ready to unleash the journalist in you !

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