Le passé composé A1-A2

Le passé composé A1-A2

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Course fee
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Le passé composé A1-A2 teaches the simple past tense in French, allowing learners to compare it to its English counterpart. Students learn the structure and rules, as well as the exceptions, and gain tips and techniques to memorize them easily and fast. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth understanding of the past tense, and provides learners with the ability to use le passé composé in the daily life. This course also covers the part where we use le passé composé to ask questions. 

Who this course is for?
Whether you've never heard of « Le passé composé » before, or you've studied it but still don't master it's correct usage quiet confidently, this comprehensive course is absolutely for you. The level of French used to explain the lessons suits learners whose French is between A1 & B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL). 

What you'll learn
The spoken language in all  videos is French with some English translation for comparaison purposes, therefore you will be learning a lot. So, get your notebook ready! You'll learn how and when to use le passé composé, and you will be able to answer the following questions :

  1. What is Le passé composé ?
  2. When do I use Le passé composé ?
  3. How do I structure Le passé composé to talk about actions in the past ?
  4. Which helping verb I should use : être or avoir ?
  5. What is Le participe passé
  6. How can I learn by heart all the exceptions ?
  7. How to ask questions using Le passé composé ?

This course includes:
Approximately 1 hour on-demand video 
Access to the online student forum where you can ask your questions to the teacher, share your answers, and interact with other students taking the same course
8 downloadable resources : transcription in Pdf format 
1 year access to the course
Access from any device ; laptop, mobile, TV, etc. 
Certificate of completion

About the instructor:
Zuhair founded Z French School in 2021 and teaches French since 2015. He holds a Master’s degree in French as a foreign language (FLE) from Université d’Artois - France and taught French at the French Institutes of Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia as well as the Alliance Française d'Ottawa. Whilst completing his Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, Zuhair returned to learning French after realizing how greatly he enjoys it, not knowing that his passion for French will inspire him to establish his own online school the future.