List of courses: B1

Welcome to level B1.

The courses have been designed to reflect the principle of action used by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines users of a language as social actors who have tasks to perform (that are not only linguistic) in given circumstances, in a given environment and within a specific area of action, which may be personal, public, academic or professional.

B1 level in one sentence : you will be giving your opinion a lot !

You can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subjects in work, school, leisure activities, etc. You are able to manage in most situations that come up when travelling in a region where the language is spoken. At this level, you will produce a cohesive text or speech on familiar subjects or subjects of personal interest : that means that you can narrate an event, an experience or a dream; describe a desire or goal, and outline reasons or explanations behind a project or idea. 

The courses are structured to help you perform varied language activities in comprehension, expression, interaction and mediation.

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