Calendar for group sessions - 2023

Start 2023 with a clear vision of your goals that you set for yourself, and make some space for French in your own calendar. This year, we offer 8 extensive group sessions ; two per season. This shall help you measure your progress in a concrete way. 
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Winter 1

 January 2nd – February 3rd  

Winter 2

February 13th – March 17th   

Spring 1

March 27th - April 28th

Spring 2

May 8th - June 9th

Summer 1

June 19th – July 21st  

Summer Vacation : July 24th - August 4th

Summer 2

August 7th - September 8th

Fall 1

September 18th - October 20th

Fall 2

October 30th - December 1st

Final session of the year


December 4th – December 22nd

Public Holidays

Based in Montréal - Québec, Z French School follows the Canadian public holiday calendar. Nonetheless, several occasions are taken into account when planning the yearly calendar in order to accommodate to our on-growing international community. More details will be communicated at a date close to such occasions and modifications will be applied accordingly to make-up classes.