Why Z ?

Launched in January 2021, Z French School offers language classes, adjusted to the modern life of 2021. In Z French School, we believe that learning French, unlike what we might think, is actually easy, fun and encouraging.  

We help our students overcome their own challenges and we always encourage them, because one day, we were in their shoe. Therefore, our role as a school is not only to teach, but also to empower our students ; that is to provide them with the tools they need to become independent, almost shortly after they start. 

Traditional methods of teaching worked for a while and for so many of us. However nowadays, we believe that in a classroom, whether in person or virtually, the student and the teacher should inverse roles allowing more space for learners to discover their own potential and strength points. Virtual classrooms offer the same quality of learning, supported by visual aids and documents prepared in advance and personalized to match the need of each student in a given group or level. 

Are you ready to join the family of the Z French School ? Count yourself among the 300 million francophones around the world.